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What Happens Now?

How much will you charge to represent me?

The law isn’t a whole lot different than most things in life; you typically get what you pay for. I do not charge for initial consultations and it is always a benefit to meet with me to discuss your case, (the sooner the better). We know the system and laws intimately and the information we provide is very valuable in understanding the scope of your legal problem. There is a great deal of misinformation floating around about DUIs, and meeting with us helps you separate fact from fiction. Once we have a clear understanding of your case and personal circumstances, we will tell you in advance and in writing exactly what we will charge to take your case. Fees depend on a number of factors; the facts of your case, your past driving and criminal record, the breath alcohol level, the jurisdiction the case will be filed in, the presence of an alcohol or drug problem, whether additional charges (such as Driving While License Suspended ) may be filed, and your tolerance for litigation. Please be advised we are not the least expensive law firm in the area, but most people would agree we are certainly among the most competent.

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