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Client Review (by Philip V.)

Mr. Hayne is by far the best attorney I've engaged in my 55 years. He is highly knowledgeable, decisive and persuasive. His integrity is unquestionable. His reliability and trustworthiness are matchless. He is understanding and warm. Mr. Hayne does not match the popular caricature of a DUI lawyer. He is gifted and unusually gifted for his professional metier. I cannot recommend Mr. Hayne highly enough. If you are faced with a DUI, I urge anyone to contact this gentleman before you contact any other DUI attorney. He is, quite simply, the BEST.

Client Review

When I was faced with a DUI charge I thought I had wrecked my life. A lawyer of another kind recommended Steve Hayne. I can't imagine how I could have fared better. I wouldn't even have thought about comparisons save for this opportunity to help others. Steve intelligently laid out the terrain I had landed on, and has guided me perfectly, thoughtfully through each step. His understanding of what I was going through in this unusual and seemingly extreme situation was invaluable. The presentations in court were to the point, and used every point effectively. Neither my degrees nor my experience prepared me for this high level of quality and concern. But they do leave me in awe of this most masterful attorney, writer, guide. I do believe it when I read he is #1. I recommend him with sincere thanks.

Client Review (by Jon)

Stephen guided us through the legal process with skill and determination. Brilliant defense, all charges were dropped. recommend highly

Client Review

When I was first arrested for DUI, I went and spoke with about five or so of the top lawyers in the Seattle, WA area. What made me choose Stephen was he made me feel hopeful about the outcome of the case as well as comfortable in that he would take the stress off of my shoulders and make the process as easy as possible. His credentials are there with the other top lawyers, and he has years and years of experience. He stood out above the rest because he simply sounded passionate about representing me. He told me the things the officer did which he didn't agree with, and told me he would push to have my conviction lowered to reckless driving at the least, or negligent driving in the first degree at best (which is what I ended up being convicted for in the end). Along with that, he was very fairly priced. I knew going into DUI arrest that I didn't want to find a cheap lawyer, but didn't want to spend too much on the attorney knowing I would have fees and other payments waiting for me in the future.

As I said earlier, my particular charge was dropped to negligent driving in the first degree. He was able to get my breath test thrown out, which was something I never thought possible. I ended up with no SR22 insurance and no license suspension, which is also more than I ever thought possible when I was first arrested. He made it clear that every case is different and every judge and prosecutor may disagree with things that work in other cases, but still told me he felt comfortable representing me and was extremely hopeful that my charge would be lowered from a DUI. He as well as everyone in his office, from his associates to his secretary, were all extremely responsive, calm, and knowledgeable with everything that I was going through and took a huge amount of stress off of my shoulders.

Overall, the price was fair, the response was quick, he is passionate about defending cases, and the overall outcome was better than I had ever imagined. When first getting arrested for DUI, things seem pretty hopeless, but Stephen helped me keep my head on straight and made me feel comfortable throughout my case. Not going with a cheap, inexperienced lawyer was the best decision I have ever made, and I have absolutely no negative words to say about my decision to go with Stephen Hayne.

Review (by Todd J. on behalf of a family member represented by Stephen Hayne)

To those of you that have reached this web site searching for the best DUI defense for yourself or loved one look no further!

Following a family member's early Saturday morning arrest for DUI with the mandatory court appearance the following Monday, we began searching the Internet for local representation. We do not reside in the Seattle area and the task was intimidating. Fortunately our search led us to this website where we reviewed Mr. Hayne's biography and posted reviews. We also found several published papers which he had submitted at another source. Confident that we had found the legal representation we desired, an e-mail was sent to his office on Sunday detailing the circumstances; Mr. Hayne responded by telephone early Monday morning where he scheduled an office interview several hours later. We were impressed with his professionalism, legal expertise and sincerity. Because of schedule conflicts he could not appear at the arraignment, however sent his very capable assistant, Mr. Derek Dixon. Following the arraignment we met again in his office where he took considerable time advising as to what must be done to be in full compliance with the Court and what to expect as his defense moved forward.

The dreaded driver's license suspension letter came from The Department of Licensing several weeks later. Mr. Hayne filed the necessary papers and provided representation before the Hearing Officer.

Throughout the lengthy court process Mr. Hayne maintained a close mentoring relationship, providing much needed personal and professional support. He responded immediately to e-mails and telephone calls which we found extremely important to allay anxieties brought on by the judicial process.

Early on, Mr. Hayne detected a serious error in law enforcement arrest procedure which aided him in negotiating a lesser charge; His motions to the Court were well prepared and successful.

Observing Mr. Hayne's interaction with the Prosecuting Attorneys, Judge, and fellow attorneys at the court house it became quickly evident that he is both respected and liked by fellow members of the legal profession.

We found Mr. Hayne's office staff to be extremely competent, efficient and accommodating. Many thanks to Ms. Laurie Roffman for her fast responses and dedicated attitude.

Mr. Hayne and his law firm has our deepest gratitude for getting us through a most difficult experience and salvaging a professional career!

Client Review

Steve is an exceptional lawyer, supported by an equally impressive staff. He walked me through each step of the process and gave sound and practical advice at every turn. He always remembered the details of my case, so I never had to repeat myself. While in court, the other attorneys flocked to him in apparent admiration, but he never lost attention on the task at hand. To top it all off, the outcome of my case beat even my most optimistic of hopes. And he is a good guy too. I would gladly recommend Steve to anyone - you want him on your team and would regret any other decision.

Client Review

Steve is a true intellect and is extremely articulate giving him an uncanny confidence in the courtroom. His education and experience helped the judge see our case from a whole different perspective. I truly felt like he cared about the outcome of my case and he was relentless in the pursuit of justice. When the judge agreed with Mr. Hayne's arguments and I walked out of the courtroom a free man, I once again had faith in the justice system but more so in my attorney. The emotions overtook me once outside and I had to give Steve a big hug, thanking him for all the support throughout the process as well as the final outcome. Steve is a great attorney and a great man!

Client Review

Steve is very knowledgeable on all different kinds of legal matters. He knows people, which is a big plus. In my case, he always tried his best to work with me to address all my concerns and answer all my questions promptly. My case lasted over half a year, and eventually got settled. I am very satisfied with the outcome, and am recommending Steve to anyone who is considering a DUI attorney.

Client Review

Stephen Hayne did an outstanding job representing me in THREE DUI cases!

Sample testimonials from former clients:

Mr. Hayne,  I never thought I’d be writing a ‘thank you note’ to a criminal lawyer, but in this case it’s well deserved.  You handled my case with impressive skill and I’m very grateful for your ‘inside knowledge’ and hard work..  In watching other lawyers in the courtroom, I was always very glad to have you by my side.”
-David P.

Please accept my sincerest thanks for being my lawyer.  Throughout the lengthy, difficult process you were a rock--understanding, patient, and obviously very skilled. Most of all, I appreciated your caring about me as a person, your sincere concern made my experience as a “defendant” bearable.”
-Lorraine N.

Steve,  Thank you for your exceptional skill and kind patience.  I don’t know how I would have made it through this ordeal without your help.”
-Carol D.

“Your kindness and concern for me as a person and not just another case, kept me together through this difficult experience.  Thank you so much for everything.
–Martha M.

Monumental thanks.  You are a wizard in the courtroom!”
-Gail W.

Thank you so much for your kindness, courtesy and skill in helping me through my DUI crisis”
-Pat S.

As a fellow lawyer, may I say your professional competence and personal commitment is extraordinary.  You are a credit to our profession.  Thanks for all your help.”
-Robert W.

Laura and I will be forever in your debt. You are everything they said about you; amazing!”
-John R.

You are a consummate courtroom advocate!  Thank you for working so hard on my case.  I’m glad the jury was able to see through all the prosecution’s smoke and mirrors.”
-James S.

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