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Below are samples of articles by Steve Hayne published in the Bar News, Trial News, Defense, and Overrruled professional legal periodicals, and papers presented by Mr. Hayne at various Continuing Legal Education Seminars.

The Trial Master's Program; The New DUI Laws
Using Jury Selection to Reverse The Momentum to Convict
A DUI Cross-Examination Checklist
Avoiding Quicksand in the A swamp of Science
Cross Examination Of The BA TECH 101: A Back To Basics Approach To Creating Reasonable Doubt
Getting off on the Right Foot: Opening Statements in a DUI Trial
The Ten Commandments of Defending DUIs
The Opening Statement In A DUI Trial
Northwest Trial Master Demonstration Program - Cross Of The Arresting Officer
Defending DUI's Under the New Law: The Nuts & Bolts of Defending a DUI Case
Self Defense and Recoupment of Costs and Attorney's Fees
Jury Selection On An Intellectual Budget
Avoiding Malpractice Under the New DUI Law
Playing Survivor in the Courtroom Dealing with 'Worst Case Scenarios'
Washington State Trial Lawyer's Association Annual Conference
WACDL Annual Convention 'FOCUS ON ETHICS' Sample Problem
Of DataMasters, Discovery and DUIs
Fear and Loathing In the Halls of Justice

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