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What Happens Now?

I was arrested for a DUI, but the officer never told me when I have to be in court. Does this mean that I wasn’t charged?

No. Many police agencies in Washington no longer charge a person with DUI by giving him/her a citation, nor do they tell the person to contact a court. Instead, the police report and any other evidence will be provided to the local prosecuting attorney for the filing of charges by “complaint”. In such cases, all the driver receives from the officer at the time of arrest is the DOL “Hearing Request” form and the breath test document. The time for filing of the actual complaint by the prosecutor varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but you should receive a notice to appear for arraignment within one to three months of the date of your arrest. Under the Statute of Limitations, the prosecutor has two years from the date of arrest to file the charge. Keep in mind that the DOL suspension process is separate from the criminal charge and begins on the date of arrest.

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